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Coffee Machine Monitor

An IoT monitoring system for industrial coffee machines to assist in maintenance, refill and service calls.


To take a rough prototype IoT monitoring system developed by the client and create a commercial and fully documented product.


We reviewed the state of the product prototype and all associated aspects of the project (mechanical, firmware and software) and created a detailed technical pathway to create a low-quantity production order of the device. We reimagined the enclosure and ensured that it would integrate into the coffee machine seamlessly, and we optimized the PCB design and layout for a small production run. We also re-wrote and fully documented the firmware on the device to assure that it could be properly supported going forward. We performed physical testing of the production-ready model to assure that it performed as intended and assured that the new antenna design was adequate for mobile connectivity inside the coffee machine enclosure. We then supplied a small production run of the product to the client for his end-user testing.


The monitoring system worked as expected and is now fully documented such that further product improvements and support are easy. The documentation was very lacking prior to our involvement, but the client has a complete traceability in the design. The new antenna design worked perfectly, and the monitoring system connects reliably.

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