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Fabric Cutter

A manual fabric cutter used in the craft industry to create various widths of wool strips for rug hooking.


Rug Hooking requires strips of fabric of various widths to achieve the artistic effect desired. There are only a few options on the market to purchase a device to create these strips, and they are all an expensive investment. The are also all very old designs (circa 1960) and are expensive to manufacture. The challenge was to create a hand-operated, continuous wool fabric cutting device, as economical as possible for low volume production, for entry into this market for our client.


We applied 21st century technology and designed for cost savings to achieve a device that was both superior in performance and lower cost than the competition. The cutting rings were manufactured from a hardened stainless steel to ensure a sharp cutting surface, and superior edge retention and corrosion resistance. The main bodies were specifically optimized for plastic 3D printing, which kept the unit cost low for short-run production. An innovative (and patented) clamping system was developed to allow greater versatility to attach to table edges. The cutting system is fully configurable and can be set up to create fabric strip widths between 3/16” to 1” in 1/16” increments.


The device effectively cuts strips with minimal hand torque required. Because the cutters maintain their sharpness, they produce significantly less wool dust as compared to the competition, which is a very significant improvement. The clamping system was a significant market differentiator – the first trade show where the wool cutter was premiered, the show’s tables were too thick for any of the competition to clamp onto, but this wool cutter had no problem adapting.

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