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Downhole Hydraulic Mechanical Jar

A configurable hydraulic/hydramechanical downhole jar tool with optional mechanical latch system.


To create a new and configurable product that would replace multiple old designs without increasing the overall cost of ownership of the legacy equipment.


We created a new Jar that was the best of both legacy products. One of the products was a hydraulic jar, and the other was a hydramechanical jar. The difference between the two is slight, but the hydraulic jar is a time-delayed slide hammer in both the extend and compress directions, and the hydramechanical jar is a hydraulic jar in extension only and a mechanical bumper in compression direction - with a mechanical latch to hold it in the neutral position until released. The new patented design is the best of both, where the latch system is completely removable from a standard double-acting hydraulic jar, enabling the tool to be configured as either.


The performance matched the legacy product in specifications, but dramatically decreased the volume of inventory needed to support the products, as only one tool was now needed for both use cases.

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