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Medical Mask Machine

A truly built-from-scratch industrial medical mask making machine, that produces up to 100 masks per minute.


The existing medical mask manufacturing machines are rudimentary and require several operators and manual adjustments to keep operational. The Challenge was to design and build a medical mask making machine that was fully automated, only required a single operator to run, and improving the throughput by 50% or more, while simplifying the design.


We designed and built a complete machine from scratch. This included designing and building the electronics and controls (PCBs from scratch), programming the control firmware, creating a control software platform to monitor and set variables on the discrete control systems, design all of the mechanical components, from the fabric handling system to the ear loop welding station, and everything in between. We iterated and redesigned the system to assure performance metrics were met and tuned the system during the extensive system testing.


The legacy system required three (3) operators to run, and we reduced it to 1.5. Additionally, we were able to achieve the equivalent throughput of the legacy machines, which employ two ear loop welding stations in parallel, with a single station, reducing the complexity by half. The theoretical throughput of our single station was 50% higher than the dual stations on the legacy units. Additionally, we were able to eliminate the complex conveyor and transfer elements of the legacy system, as our design was running completely in series.

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